Resources for Technology Assisted Children's Program Clients


We put together a growing list of resources that may be helpful for families, children and service providers alike! If there are other resources that we should list here please contact us with that information.

Emergency Preparedness 

Emergency communication plan to help families form an emergency mode of communication.

Emergency Preparedness list to help families pack and gather items needed during an emergency. 

Commuter route preparedness plan which includes different routes to take when an emergency occurs. 

Emergency Kit video is an example for families to see what their emergency kit should consist of.


Family Centered Resources 


Educational Information and Templates

Special Education Consult Line Phone Number:  1.800.879.2301

Parent Information for Children with Disabilities and Education for general information for parents who have children in the educational system 

Codes and Regulations statewide for PA 

State Wide Intermediate Units and School Districts Web Map  

Educational information on IEP’s and 504 plans for families to review

Getting a Special Education Evaluation for Your Child tips and directions

Special Education Forms Templates available for use

Sample of IEP

Sample of IFSP and IEP

Getting Help for Children with Disabilities in Private Schools information on how to best serve children with disabilities in a private school setting

Special Education Law and Advocacy available for families and providers to utilize


Housing Modifications, Financial Education and Utility Resources

Adaptive Home Modifications contact information for parents. 

Listing of Utility Companies and their Corresponding Assistance Programs to provide families with the entities available to assist them with utilities

Utility Emergency Service Fund provides assistance to families in need. 

Utility Grant Program provides grants to families who qualify. 

Energy Assistance Programs to make the bill more affordable for families 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a program/ resource that does income- based bills for families in need. 


Special Needs Unit Insurance Contact Numbers

Each insurance has a managed care organization that assists the family with transitions to adulthood, care management, and assist in ensuring needed supplies are received. If you are not already connected with your insurances MCO, a list of insurances and contact numbers are available below. 

*MCO Special Needs Hotline Numbers:

Aetna Better Health     1.855.346.9828 

AmeriHealth Caritas PA     1.800.684.5503

AmeriHealth Caritas Northeast     1.888.498.0766

Geisinger Health Plan Family     1.855.214.8100

Gateway Health Plan     1.800.392.1147

Health Partners Plans     1.866.500.4571

Keystone First Health Plan     1.800.573.4100

United Health Care Community Plan     1.877.844.8844

UPMC for You     1.866.463.1462 


Recovery Resources

Substance Use Recovery

Detox and Treatment Recovery

Recovery High School for Students (9th- 12th grade)

Research on Recovery



Child- Centered Resources 

Coping Skills for Children, including mindfulness techniques for families or providers.  

Resources for Families with Incarcerated Family Members.

Sesame Street in the Community, including health activities, plans and educational resources for providers and parents.

Increasing Language Skills with Sesame Street. 

Grieving Resources for Kids has a list of grieving resources tailored to children. 

Children Coping with Grief


Transitioning Resources 

Childhood Transitioning into Adulthood (English)

Childhood Transitioning into Adulthood (Spanish) 

Transitioning Checklist

Pennsylvania Secondary Transition Guide

Healthcare Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

Welfare Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

Secondary Transition Explanation

Transitioning to Adult Living

Transitioning to Adult Programs

Additional Transitioning Resources


Care Binder Materials (For Medical History and Functioning)

All of the following are templates which can be utilized in a care binder for families and providers to use

Medical Focused:

Medical and Surgical Highlights Template

Medication Log Template

Letter to School for Medication Template

Doctors Visit Document Template

Healthcare History Template

Personal Care Directions Template

Care Emergency Information Template

Care Equipment Vendor Sheet Template

Home Care Provider Information Template

Letter of Medical Necessity Template

Activity/ daily living focused:

Behavior Management Template

Nutrition Notes Template

Social Outing Template

Appointment Reminder Template


Legal Services and Resources 

Legal resources for Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, and Chester is a list of legal resources available by county

The following are legal templates that families can use:

Insurance Information Template

Guardianship Template