About Technology Assisted Children's Program

About Us

TACHP staff travels across the 31 counties in Eastern Pennsylvania to conduct home visits and accompany families to appointments, when needed. TACHP staff work with county health departments, intermediate units, and draw on HPC’s network with health care and public health professionals throughout the state. We help identify medical providers, specialists, social services, and other supportive services in order to provide appropriate linkages to the myriad of services the families may benefit from.

TACHP engages MCOs/insurance companies and medical care providers, including PCP and specialists, to support the needs of individual families. TACHP staff have experience engaging providers and insurance on behalf of families to provide information, advocate for needed services, and assist in parent’s understanding of diagnoses, coverage, and billing. Additionally, TACHP will aid in the communication between families and systems and will help map/identify the types of concerns that should be addressed and methods for contacting the appropriate individual or department to address those concerns and questions. 

Who We Are

The Health Promotion Council (HPC) is a non-profit corporation organized in 1981. HPC has been a subsidiary of Public Health Management Corporation, a leading public health institute, since 1999. HPC’s mission is to promote health, and prevent and mange chronic disease, especially among vulnerable populations, through community-based outreach, education and advocacy. For more information please visit www.hpcpa.org

The Health Promotion Council’s Technology Assisted Children Home Program (TACHP) began September 2016. Our program serves and supports families with technology-assisted children through advocacy, education, coaching and referrals to enable their families to continue to provide in-home care for their child. 

TACHP is a free, voluntary program that empowers families to become resilient advocates. TACHP encourages family-led collaboration with the child’s medical providers, home health professionals, health insurance companies and school staff by identifying linguistically and culturally appropriate communication strategies.

TACHP is funded by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.