Information & Resource for RNs, LPNs, Nurse's Aides and Attendants of Technology Assisted Children

Nurses' Corner

TACHP’s nurses’ corner was created in hopes that RNs, LPNs, nurse’s aides, and attendants, find these clinical links and resources useful. During intake, TACHP staff gathers information about the home health care agency and the professionals providing care to the child. TACHP is dedicated to helping improve the relationship between in-home service providers and families.

TACHP aims to engage home health care professionals in 3 ways:

  • Individual education – if there are questions you may have for us or our Public Health nurse, please let us know!!
  • Group education – we will provide opportunities to receive phone or in-person training  
  • Eastern PA Special Needs Association (EPSNA) – we will provide a space for nurses to increase their network of resources available to families.


Educational Resources

This section is organized by bodily system to help health professionals and caregivers locate the information they need that may relate to their child’s care. If there are more resources you’ve found to be helpful, please contact us.

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I. Respiratory

a.      Tracheostomy Care: Comprehensive video playlist.

b.      “Pediatric Tracheostomy Care: What Home Care Nurses Need to Know” article

c.      Home Ventilator Videos

d.      CPAP and Bilevel PAP

e.      How to: Pediatric Metered Dose Inhaler

II. Cardiovascular

a.      ACLS/ PALS: EKG Rhythms and interpretation

b.      Rhythm Recognition webpage    

c.      PALS Algorithms

III. Neurology

a.     Types of seizures and corresponding nursing management- article

b.     Hydrocephalus and VP shunts

IV. Musculoskeletal

a.      EPIC: Range of Motion Exercises for Children with Disabilities

b.     Detailed Care Plan for Impaired Physical Mobility 

c.      Environmental Health and Safety Care Plan for Impaired Physical Mobility 

d.      Physical Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy

e.     Range of Motion Home Program Pediatrics Playlist


a.     Feeding tubes and Gastrostomies

b.     Feeding and Nutrition

c.      Care Plan for constipation


a.    Perineal Care for Female and Male patients

b.    Indwelling catheters

c.    Straight and Indwelling catheters

VII. Skin

a. Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing Society (WOCN)

b. Braden Scale for Pediatric Population 

c. Get Some Skin in the Game: Best Practices for Pediatric Skin Care

d. Care Plan for Impaired Tissue Integrity 


-      Article: Home Care of Children and Youth with Complex Health Care Needs and Technology Dependencies

-     Official Journal of the American Nurses Association

-      Website for creating a nursing care plan: assessment, diagnosis and interventions


Learning Library (provided nurses w/ up-to-date resources e.g. new technology etc.)