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2023 Changes to PA Medicaid/Medical Assistance


Medical Assistance, also known as Medicaid, was provided to many PA children and adults who would not normally qualify as part of a “continuous coverage” program related to the pandemic. That “continuous coverage” program also meant Medicaid coverage could not be terminated, even if members did not return renewals or their health needs changed. That program ended April 1, 2023.


As of April 1st, 2023:


     Everyone will have to submit a renewal over the next year to keep their Medicaid, even if you have not had to before

     Beginning May 1, Medicaid terminations can resume

     All members will be reassessed for Medicaid eligibility over a course of

12 months – known as the Medicaid “unwinding period”


If your family relies on Medicaid, here are some tips and ways to prepare:


     Check the mail often for renewal packets or eligibility status

     Make sure DHS has your most up-to-date address and contact info

     Get your renewal packets or other requested documents submitted on time


If your Medicaid is terminated:


     Return the paperwork to appeal within 15 days to keep your coverage

     Request Reconsideration within 90 days (but still also appeal)

     Contact the County Assistance Office (CAO) or call center (877-395-8930) to find out why MA was terminated


To make sure DHS has up-to-date contact info or to find your renewal date:


Visit or call 877-395-8930


If you need assistance with your Medicaid renewal or appeal, contact your TACHP Navigator for more support!